„After you open your eyes, you will see your beautiful smile“

Get to know the renowned clinics which decided to offer their medical services under the common name of MEDEST.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, but the smile opens all doors. Therefore, it makes sense to join forces and provide our patients ophthalmology and stomatology services at the highest level. You can find more information on our specialists in eye and teeth treatment, which have a lot in common. The clinics with their branches in Slovakia and the Czech Republic have been providing excellent private stomatology and ophthalmology services to clients from Slovakia and abroad. The owners of the clinics, MUDr. Alexander Schill from the Schill Dental Clinic and MUDr. Ivo Ďurkovič of the iClinic eye clinic, vouch for the quality of their services. They have carefully selected teams of doctors and nurses and use modern technology in well-equipped offices. The comfort of their patients is their priority. They make sure all of them leave the office happy – with perfect vision and pretty, but especially healthy smile.


MUDr. Alexander Schill
Schill Dental Clinic
Dental Clinic
  • pain-free stomatology
  • all treatments at one place
  • possibility of total anesthesia 
  • 5-year guarantee for all treatments
  • branches in Bratislava, Žilina, and Prague
  • weekend emergency service in Bratislava
  • Digital Smile Design – 3D model of your new smile
  • ceramic renovations without long waiting
MUDr. Ivo Ďurkovič
Eye Clinic
  • pain-free correction of short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism; eliminating the need of reading glasses
  • depth and surface methods
  • using unique femtosecond laser technology at treating cataracts
  • cataract surgery covered by health insurance
  • life-long guarantee at the Relex Smile and Z-Lasik methods
  • free post-surgery outpatient care
  • branches in Bratislava and Banská Bystrica, on Mallorca, in Skalica, Prague, and Klagenfurt

Our common values

  • safety of our patients comes firsts
  • we have a team of professional doctors and experienced nursess
  • we provide exact diagnosticss
  • the working environment is highly sterile and safes
  • our clinics use the latest surgical techniques, lasers and office equipments
  • patients do not wait in the waiting room, no long waiting for an appointment s
  • you can select a doctor of your choices
  • comfort at clinic visits



The benefit of the clinic cooperation is provision of the entry examination. If you are a client with iClinik, the reception gives you a voucher for total entry examination with the Schill Dental Clinic. The same applies vice versa – if you are a client with the Schill Dental Clinic, you get a voucher you can use at the iClinic eye clinic. As the vouchers are not bound to one person, you may give the examination voucher to one of your close ones.

The Schill Dental Clinic voucher

As part of the entry examination, we examine the condition of your teeth, mucosae, nodes, tongue, joints, and salivary glands. The examination takes place at one place – with no stress and waiting.
The entry examination includes:
  • panoramatic picture with a digital X-ray
  • CT for an overview image of the upper and lower jaw teeth and the condition of the bone material; a 3D-X-ray is necessary for implant planning
  • Bitewing RTG – a detailed image of specific teeth by using digital imaging
  • proposal of a treatment plan

iClinic voucher

As part of the complex eye examination, we are able to use modern diagnostic machines to detect eye diseases, as well as certain inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.
The examination takes place at one place – with no stress and waiting.
The entry examination includes:
  • measuring the intraocular pressure
  • examining the optic fundus
  • OCT retina examination
  • measuring the parameters of the frontal eye segment
  • corneal pachymetry and topography
  • GCC and ONH examination (condition of the retinal nerve fibers and optic nerve)
  • endothelial microscope examination

Voucher is valid only with a stamp, date and signature of the clinic. It needs to be presented at the reception of the clinic. It can be used only once and is not bound to a person’s name.


You can contact us in the form of your choice. Learn more at:
Entrance examination by dentist

You can contact us in the form of your choice. Learn more at:

Private Jet

Aerial transport – Private Jet (the clients pay for the service extra)

You can find more information on the places of departure and the pricelist of the extra services at:
What are the advantages of ordering private aerial transport?
  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Comfort
  • Hotel reservation
  • Ride to the hotel
  • 24/7 services