MUDr. Alexander Schill

MUDr. Alexander SCHILL, Head Physician

graduated from The Faculty of Medicine of the Comenius University in Bratislava in 1996. He took part in many trainings and congresses in Europe: in the Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal. He started practising dental medicine in July 1996. In 2002, he opened Schill Dental Clinic - a private clinic in the centre of Bratislava. In 2008, he extended the clinic to a fully equipped dental centre in a new location where the clinic has its statutory seat to date. In 2013, MUDr. SCHILL opened a branch in Prague and in 2014 a branch in Zilina (North Slovakia). He speaks fluent Slovak, Hungarian, English and German.


Schill Dental Clinic / Dental Clinic

Our dental centre is located in a quiet location at Karloveské Rameno, close to the river Danube. The location for Schill Dental Clinic was chosen with care and taking into consideration that you usually you are coming to us with problems or even pain. That is why it is pleasant to arrive at a quiet place where you can easily park your car. The sterile and impersonal “medical environment” can be a source of discomfort and that is why we try to welcome you in an environment more akin to that of cafeteria. We will be glad to welcome you and seat you in comfortable chairs and offer you a small refreshment before your attending physician is able to attend to your needs.


At Schill Dental Clinic we offer a wide range of services and procedures – from basic treatments through aesthetic procedures to complex dental surgery interventions. We will be pleased to answer any and all of your questions and provide you with advice on the proper hygiene of the oral cavity.

During our work we make use of state of the art techniques and technologies, in turn making sure that the dental treatments are as painless as possible.

Our goal is to provide our clients only with the best health care. Our goal is to offer outh health care services to all that consider their health a priority, even to the most demanding patients. This is reflected in our facilities and state-of-the-art equipment and the high quality materials that we use.

For more details on our individual technologies and services provided, please refer to TECHNOLOGY AND TREATMENTS.

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Our common values

  • safety of our patients comes firsts
  • we have a team of professional doctors and experienced nursess
  • we provide exact diagnosticss
  • the working environment is highly sterile and safes
  • our clinics use the latest surgical techniques, lasers and office equipments
  • patients do not wait in the waiting room, no long waiting for an appointment s
  • you can select a doctor of your choices
  • comfort at clinic visits



The benefit of the clinic cooperation is provision of the entry examination. If you are a client with iClinik, the reception gives you a voucher for total entry examination with the Schill Dental Clinic. The same applies vice versa – if you are a client with the Schill Dental Clinic, you get a voucher you can use at the iClinic eye clinic. As the vouchers are not bound to one person, you may give the examination voucher to one of your close ones.

The Schill Dental Clinic voucher

As part of the entry examination, we examine the condition of your teeth, mucosae, nodes, tongue, joints, and salivary glands. The examination takes place at one place – with no stress and waiting.
The entry examination includes:
  • panoramatic picture with a digital X-ray
  • CT for an overview image of the upper and lower jaw teeth and the condition of the bone material; a 3D-X-ray is necessary for implant planning
  • Bitewing RTG – a detailed image of specific teeth by using digital imaging
  • proposal of a treatment plan

iClinic voucher

As part of the complex eye examination, we are able to use modern diagnostic machines to detect eye diseases, as well as certain inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.
The examination takes place at one place – with no stress and waiting.
The entry examination includes:
  • measuring the intraocular pressure
  • examining the optic fundus
  • OCT retina examination
  • measuring the parameters of the frontal eye segment
  • corneal pachymetry and topography
  • GCC and ONH examination (condition of the retinal nerve fibers and optic nerve)
  • endothelial microscope examination

Voucher is valid only with a stamp, date and signature of the clinic. It needs to be presented at the reception of the clinic. It can be used only once and is not bound to a person’s name.


You can contact us in the form of your choice. Learn more at:
Entrance examination by dentist

You can contact us in the form of your choice. Learn more at:

Private Jet

Aerial transport – Private Jet (the clients pay for the service extra)

You can find more information on the places of departure and the pricelist of the extra services at:
What are the advantages of ordering private aerial transport?
  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Comfort
  • Hotel reservation
  • Ride to the hotel
  • 24/7 services